About Me

@ a Garden Tour in Newport

  • Creating gardens was not my first career. But I found it second time around or maybe it found me. Gardens are a daily display of details that showcase enormous beauty or soothe the soul, depending on what you need that day. Gardens are paintings that will change over time as the seasons go from spring to summer to fall to winter and from year to year. Layer upon layer of complex beauty that does not stand still in time. Perhaps that is why I love it and lavish in this never ending journey and why I enjoy helping clients create their own.

As for my background, I was born in Chicago and grew up in Montreal where I started my entrepreneurial career in computer training.  I sold my business in 1997 and moved to Boston where I worked as a marketing professional in the crazy world of the internet.  After that roller coaster ride, changing careers seemed like a good option so I headed back to school to study landscape design at the Landscape Institute of the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.  I am a certified Massachusetts Arborist, an accredited NOFA organic land care professional and I am currently pursuing a certificate in Native Plant Horticulture and Design from the New England Wildflower Society.  As President of the Ecological Landscaping Association, I am interested in helping people understand how easy it is to create sustainable and eco-friendly yards. I lecture and give seminars  and I am currently working on some exciting projects that include native plant gardens.