Sustainable Landscaping

It’s amazing what a home owner can do to help mitigate stormwater runoff.  Check out Marcus La Fleur’s web site where he took it to the max and implemented seven sustainable stormwater treatments at 168 Elm Avenue in Illinois.  Everything including a green roof, rain garden, rain barrels, bioswale and porous pavement.  Each treatment is documented with information and […]

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Free Mulch in November

by Risa Edelstein on November 16, 2009

in Garden Maintenance,Sustainable Landscaping

Every season, we gather our leaves up, put them in bags and send them off to be composted.  Then in the Spring, we pay to have mulch delivered.  Often it is the dyed kind which is full of chemicals and not good for our gardens.  There is nothing better than leaf mulch in terms of […]

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Last November, Dennis Collins, the past President of the  Ecological Landscaping Association (ELA), took a group of us on a tour of Mount Auburn.  The purpose of the tour was to show us how Mt. Auburn has been making impressive strides in moving to organic and sustainable landscaping and gardening practices.  Their goal is to […]

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I don’t expect you to become soil scientists but hear me out.  Your soil is the most important element in your landscape and is the key to a healthy, organic garden.  To determine what the current condition is of your soil, you’ll need a professional soil test.  This will tell you what, if anything, you […]

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  photo: Monarda 'Jacob Cline' – blooms Jul-Aug, sun/pt. shade, attracts hummingbirds NATIVE As spring edges closer, all this talk about sustainability is exciting!  It means that we could really be heading in a direction that will make us consider what we are planting in our yards besides yews and rhododendron!  As a plant lover, I see no […]

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Sustainability Resources List

by Risa Edelstein on March 8, 2009

in Sustainable Landscaping

Here is a list of some sites I have found for more information about sustainability and best practices in landscaping. GENERAL RESOURCES Playbook for Green Buildings & Neighborhoods US  Green Building Council PLANTS   New England Wildflower Society   North American Native Plant Society Invasive Plant List of New England  […]

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Feed the Soil

by Risa Edelstein on January 28, 2008

in Organic Gardening,Organic Lawns,Sustainable Landscaping

Traditional guidelines for garden and lawn care teaches us to feed plants. Of course that is what we need to do but first we need to feed the soil. This is the way nature does it and it works. Let’s begin by understanding some basics. Most of the products out there that are fertilizers are […]

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