Design & Installation

Here is a brief explanation of how my design and installation services work.

Site Plan & Site Analysis:

Every design project begins with a site analysis in order to understand what currently exists on the property.  A plot plan or survey is needed so a digital plan can be created and used for communication purposes throughout the design and installation process.

Site analysis involves taking pictures of the property and noting all of the key elements on-site such as existing structures and plant material, site views, water issues or anything else that may affect the design.

Client Requirements:

A detailed understanding of your goals and likes and dislikes are needed from the onset of the design process.  These requirements are reviewed in an initial meeting  and are further defined throughout the design process.

Preliminary & Final Design Concept:

Based on the site analysis and your requirements, I work through design scenarios, presenting you with ones that I feel best work to meet your needs.  During our review meetings we discuss the options and collaboratively work together to develop a final design.

A final design could include all hardscaping (patios, walkways, fencing etc.) as well as a finalized planting plan. The final plan is prepared along with construction notes for the prospective contractor in order to get estimates for the work that needs to be done.

All work done by contractors is overseen to ensure that everything is installed according to the design intention.


Gardens change over time so it is critical that they are maintained on a regular basis.  My specialized crew does fine gardening maintenance and all of them are knowledgeable about gardening, plants and ecological landscaping principles.  Maintenance, which is often done on a monthly basis, ensures that your garden and landscape looks beautiful throughout the season.


When you are not sure what to do with your yard or garden or if you prefer to get some professional assistance so you can tackle your own garden, then a consult may be the best way to help you.